Skywatch Friday: Big Sit Sunrise–Green Flash

November 21, 2008

Before the green flash

During our Big Sit at the Cape Henlopen Hawkwatch this year just before sunrise Jeff took a break from counting birds to set up his camera hoping to catch the green flash— a very noble but difficult goal. We all patiently waited. FLASH! It was an instant. A wow moment. I don’t think Jeff got the photo but it was an amazing sight that is in my mind’s memory card. That is one of the best things about being married to a fantastic tour guide. He adds so much to my world.  He not only gives me the moon but shares with me the stars and planets and various celestial phenomenon.

Jeff scans for birds during the Big Sit 2008.

Jeff during the Big Sit 2008.

Visit Skywatch Friday–it’s a cool blog to visit to see many other celestial photos from around the globe.  I find it fascinating to see other viewpoints on something we all share.  Enjoy.


9 Responses to “Skywatch Friday: Big Sit Sunrise–Green Flash”

  1. Green flash or not, the sunset is spectacular!

  2. Mckay K said

    Truly, you captured these pictures perfectly. The colors in both shots are amazing.

  3. Klaus said

    Very nice – great sunset!
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. bookbabie said

    Great shots, I like the one with your husband’s silhouette against the setting sun:)

  5. Your capture of the sunset is beautiful!

  6. Awesome that you got to witness the Geen Flash! I always had the most luck with the Green Flash in the Hawaiian Islands.

  7. Great photo and terrific post.

    We loved Delaware when we visited there years ago.

    We love Hawk Watches. Thousands and thousands ketteling overhead and then streaming off.

    Thanks for the catch of the Guava Skipper. I guess I was thinking of Tequila when I did the post.

    I’ll visit your old web site and check it out.

    Troy and Martha
    Texas Travelers
    (Over the Horizon and Beyond)

  8. ESNORWAY said

    nice shoots have great weekend

  9. Beautiful colors streaming in the sky! Love your blue lizard too! Is it SKY blue? 🙂

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