La Florida

January 21, 2009

AH… La Florida–but not the Florida where I am now for for the Space Coast Birding Festival.  But a flashback to Tamaulipas, Mexico last november near the El Cielo biosphere reserve where we headed down a dusty road.  We were in the dark driving past houses where the locals were selling tacos and school children where dressed in their uniforms headed for school. Back to a magical spot called La Florida. Where for three dollars a person you can hop aboard a boat and take a ride and see not only sun grebes but if you are lucky and alert a boat-billed heron hiding in the trees. Scanning the tangled vines we spotted this bird. He was facing away when we first spotted him. That posture made it easy to see that his bill was whitish below and just how much that bill looked like the bottom of a boat. Amazing. A well named bird. He turned his head and looked at us, striking the classic heron pose.

Boat Billed Heron

Cropped Boat Billed HeronBoat-Billed Heron --Head Crop

Photo by Jeff Gordon.

Before the green flash

During our Big Sit at the Cape Henlopen Hawkwatch this year just before sunrise Jeff took a break from counting birds to set up his camera hoping to catch the green flash— a very noble but difficult goal. We all patiently waited. FLASH! It was an instant. A wow moment. I don’t think Jeff got the photo but it was an amazing sight that is in my mind’s memory card. That is one of the best things about being married to a fantastic tour guide. He adds so much to my world.  He not only gives me the moon but shares with me the stars and planets and various celestial phenomenon.

Jeff scans for birds during the Big Sit 2008.

Jeff during the Big Sit 2008.

Visit Skywatch Friday–it’s a cool blog to visit to see many other celestial photos from around the globe.  I find it fascinating to see other viewpoints on something we all share.  Enjoy.

Wild Delaware…Wife Delighted

November 20, 2008

wild-delaware-coverWild Delaware is a coffee table book designed to promote the vanishing wonders of Delaware. Kevin Fleming–no relation–is a slower Delaware native that work fro National Geographic for many years. He decided to embark on this project to help other people see the beauty that lower Delaware has to offer. It is a fine tribute to this small state. The essays by Jim White, Derek Stoner, Jean Woods, and of course Jeff are a perfect compliment to the gorgeous photos.

For information on how to order a signed and numbered copy from the Wild Delaware website or come see us Saturday November 22, at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth for a book signing and meet the photographer and the other contributors.